My first night in my apartment was good.
Class now til noon then come home unpack then work at 5.
I’ll post pics soon:))))


Sorry for the lack of posting this week

But its my first week of class at a school I commute to about 35 to 40 minutes away, I’ve been working every day after class, and I’ll be moving to my new apartment as of Monday.

I’ve gained 2lbs of muscle from climbing

Dream plot twist
Korra and Asami get together


Although there are over 400 types of leeches, the Hirudo medicinalis is said to be the most effective leech used in medical practice. Medicinal leeches have three jaws(tripartite) that look like little saws, and on them are about 100 sharp teeth used to incise the host. The incision leaves a mark that is an inverted Y inside of a circle. After piercing the skin and injecting anticoagulants(hirudin) and anaesthetics, they suck out blood. Large adults can consume up to ten times their body weight in a single meal, with 5-15 ml being the average volume taken. These leeches can live for up to a year between feeding.

I was very hungry last night
Like one might say I had munchies
And on the radio they said Burger King had chicken fries back