Awww yeah this bitch can finally braid her own hair.
This is so exciting for me.
In the last three years I went for just being able to throw a pony tail with bumps and pieces falling out to curly and braiding and a bunch of other shit.
Growing my hair has paid off.

I’ve been climbing on the regular lately

The work of Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin rests somewhere on the boundary of surrealism, sensuality and the grotesque. Testament to this is his latest series of keenly manipulated imagery of the human form. Leaning heavily on voyeurism, the photo set features the human body in various twisted yet intimate contexts against against ethereal settings, making for a captivating series.


Christmas list: Acne in my wardrobe, not on my face

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American Horror Story: Coven (2014)

I have a job and bills to pay

if my school thinks I’m doing a four day orientation and missing work for some nonsense I’ve been through already seeing as this isn’t my first year they’re playing themselves.

Four days is fucking ridiculous like and it’s not that big of a school. I know waaaaay bigger schools who have like two day orientation or one.


two-tone everything